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Easy-WebPrint EX Ver.1.7.0 (Windows XP x64)

For Windows XP x64 Updated 06 Oct 2016 24 Sep 2015

Content Id: 0200482623

About the driver

Canon Easy-WebPrint EX is plug-in for Windows Internet Explorer 7.0 and 8.0. It features various functions for printing web pages including the print preview function, clipping function and layout editing function.

Download / Installation Procedures 1. Download the file. For the location where the file is saved, check the computer settings. 2. Double-click the downloaded EXE file to decompress it, then installation will start automatically.

1.The browsers Easy-WebPrint EX does not support are shown below. -Internet Explorer 6.0 or less. -64 bit version of Internet Explorer 7 to 10. -The browsers other than Internet Explorer (such as Firefox, etc.)When using any of these browsers, Easy-WebPrint EX can be installed, however, the functions of Easy-WebPrint EX are not available. 2.Phenomenon: If the update program [KB969897] is not installed, the Easy-WebPrint EX functions such as Preview, Clip, and etc. may not be properly functioned due to Internet Explorer factor. Preventive action: Install the update program [KB969897]. 3.Restriction when using Internet Explorer8.0: Phenomenon: Depending on webpage, the Easy-WebPrint EX functions such as Preview, Clip, etc. may not be properly functioned due to Internet Explorer8.0 factor. There are two possible causes. The preventive actions for them are shown below. Preventive action 1: Switch Internet Explorer8.0 to the Compatibility View, then perform the above operation again. Preventive action 2: If InPrivate Filtering is enabled, disable it; then, perform the above operation again. 4.Phenomenon: The toolbar of Easy-WebPrint EX may hide behind (next to) the Internet Explorer link bar. Preventive action: Set the Internet Explorer link bar ON, the toolbar of Easy-WebPrint EX will be displayed properly. 5.Phenomenon: When displaying the preview webpage in the Preview window, the characters may not be displayed properly. Preventive action: Re-load the webpage where the characters are not displayed properly, then go to the Preview window. 6.Phenomenon: Printing may be performed without properly reflecting the Properties setting of the printer driver. Preventive action: To print the webpage, specify the print setting in Easy-WebPrint EX. 7.Phenomenon: White bands may be contained in the print result depending on the webpage. However, as this phenomenon occurs due to the restriction of the applicable webpage, there is no preventive action. 8.Phenomenon: Unreadable characters may be contained in the print result depending on the webpage. Preventive action: Click Accessibility in the General tab from Internet Options in Internet Explorer, then select "Ignore font styles specified on webpage." 9.Phenomenon: The Easy-WebPrint EX button may not be displayed. Preventive action: Launch Internet Explorer again.