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What to do when the camcorder is not recognized by the computer over a USB connection

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When connecting the camcorder to a computer via a USB cable, if the camcorder is not recognized by the computer, please check the following points.

Remove and reconnect the USB cable, and then turn on the camcorder again.

Connect the USB cable to the computer properly.

- If there is more than one USB terminal on the computer, try to connect the USB cable to the other USB terminals.

- Disconnect any USB devices other than the camcorder, keyboard, and mouse.

- Connect the camcorder and the computer directly with a USB cable. Operation using USB hubs is not guaranteed.

- If software is running in the background, exit them and connect the camcorder again.


When the camcorder is connected to a computer:

- Do not open the memory card slot cover and do not remove the memory card.

- Do not access, change or delete any of the camcorder’s folders or files directly from the computer as this may result in permanent data loss. Always use only the supplied software to save your recordings on the computer and, if necessary, to transfer back previously saved video files to the camcorder.

Observe the following precautions while the ACCESS indicator is on or flashing. Failing to do so may result in permanent data loss.

- Do not open the memory card slot cover.

- Do not disconnect the USB cable.

- Do not turn off the camcorder or the computer.

- Do not change the camcorder’s operating mode.

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