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imagePROGRAF TM-300 Firmware Ver.1.21 (Need "Firmware Update Tool" to upgrade)

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Printer firmware for TM-300.

Update History

Modifications from Ver.1.21 to Ver.1.25
1.Correction of failure that occurs when connecting to an access point in the WPA3-Personal Transition Mode
2.Optimization of ink filling during setup
3.Optimization of print head cleaning operation
4.Correction of failure where the printer restarts when Remote UI-connected via a certain browser

Modifications from Ver.1.20 to Ver.1.21
1. Firmware version upgrading due to production convenience.

Modifications from Ver.1.16 to Ver.1.20
1. Change of control related to remote monitoring service system.

Modifications from Ver.1.12 to Ver.1.16
1.Addition of new paper type
"Plain Paper A" will be added.

Updating media with Media Configuration Tool to update the paper information in the printer driver is required to print from the printer driver with selecting Plain Paper A.

Modifications from Ver.1.10 to Ver.1.12
1. Failure in borderless printing is modified.
The failure that causes paper jam when printing a particular image in borderless printing will be corrected.

Modifications from Ver.1.06 to Ver.1.10
1. Support route certificate updating of remote monitoring service.
2. Add pen table settings in HP-GL2.

Modifications from Ver.1.05 to Ver.1.06
1. Failure correction of a function in monitoring service.

Modifications from Ver.1.03 to Ver.1.05
1. Improve convenience of production.

System requirements

Install the Firmware Update Tool if it is not installed.

File information

File Name : TM300V0125.fdl
File Type : FA
File Size : 117785152KB