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What memory cards have been verified to work with the camcorder? (EOS C70)

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SD Cards

The following SD cards have been verified to work with the camcorder (as of December 2020).

ManufacturerModel numberCapacitySpeedClass
Panasonic RP-SDZA64GJK 64GB C10/U3/V90
Panasonic RP-SDZA128JK 128GB C10/U3/V90
ToshibaSDXU-D032G 32GB C10/U3/V90
ToshibaSDXU-D064G 64GB C10/U3/V90
ToshibaSDXU-D128G 128GBC10/U3/V90
ToshibaSDXU-D256G 256GB C10/U3/V90
ProGrade Digital PGSD128GBCKBH 128GB C10/U3/V90
AngelbirdAVP128SDMK2V90 128GB C10/U3/V90
AngelbirdAVP256SDMK2V90 256GB C10/U3/V90

About SDXC cards

You can use SDXC cards with this camera but these types of cards are initialized by the camera using the exFAT file system.

When using exFAT-formatted cards with other devices (digital recorders, card readers, etc.), make sure that the external device is compatible with exFAT. For more information on compatibility, contact the computer, operating system or card manufacturer.
If you use exFAT-formatted cards with a computer OS that is not exFAT-compatible, you may be prompted to format the card. In such case, cancel the operation to prevent data loss.


Proper operation cannot be guaranteed for all recording media.
Initialize recording media when you use them with this camera for the first time.
Be sure to initialize recording media especially before shooting important scenes.
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