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When the [ ! ] or Prohibited Icon Appears On Digital Photo Professional Express, Images Cannot Be Imported (Interchangeable-lens Digital Cameras)

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When importing images to Digital Photo Professional Express, and the [ ] or [ ] icon appears, it means that the images are not supported by Digital Photo Professional Express, thereby the images cannot be imported.

[ ] is displayed

Digital Photo Professional Express does not support CR2 images, thereby when using Camera Connect to import images, the ''failed to save image'' message will appear, as well as the [ ] icon next to the image.

[ ] is displayed

Choose [ ] from Digital Photo Professional Express -⋗ When choosing [Import from camera roll (JPEG)], to import images, the [ ] icon appears on the top left corner of the image (*). This means that Digital Photo Professional Express does not support it and cannot import the images.

* JPEG images with over 33 million pixels or other format

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