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Ways to minimize operation noise or AF actuation noise that may be recorded in footage (EOS R, EOS RP)

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If operation noise or AF actuation noise is recorded and captured in footage, you can place the microphone farther away from the camera to minimize the level of noise being recorded.

Use an external microphone

Without having to change the shooting equipment, such as the camera and lens, or change the focusing method, it is necessary to use an external microphone to reduce the effects of noise that occurs when AF actuates.

If a microphone is directly mounted to the hot shoe

If a microphone is equipped with a shock mount between the mounting surface and the microphone, vibrations will be more difficult to be transmitted (as they will be absorbed), and the vibration noise may be minimized.

As the sound-gathering part of the microphone extends to the front part of the camera, if it is close to the lens (where the noise occurs), the noise effect may become stronger.

If a microphone is being individually used away from the camera

In principle, it is possible to minimize the effect from vibration noise to little or none. (However, please note that it is possible that vibrations may be transmitted through cables, other retaining equipment or the hands.) The longer the distance between the lens and the microphone, the smaller the effect due to direct noise from camera operations and AF actuation.

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