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Adding a Date Stamp when Shooting

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The camera can add the shooting date to images, in the lower-right corner.

For a list of shooting modes in which the [Date Stamp] setting can be configured, please refer to the table below.


Note that date stamps cannot be edited or removed, so confirm beforehand that the date and time are correct.


For setting or changing the date and time, refer to Setting or Changing the Date and Time.
Date stamps cannot be added when the image type is set to [ ], or [ ]. ([Date Stamp] is set to [OFF] in these modes.)
The position and shape of the operation buttons, screens displayed, and setting items may differ according to the model you use. In this example, the procedure is shown on a PowerShot S200 set to the [Program AE] () shooting mode.
In some shooting modes it may not be possible to configure the [Date Stamp] setting.

The procedure for adding a date stamp to images during shooting is explained below.

1. Press the ⋖Power⋗ button to turn the camera on.

2. Press the ⋖MENU⋗ button.

3. Press the Right button or the Left button to select the [ ] tab.

Press the Up button of the Down button to select [Date Stamp].

: Left button : Right button : Up button : Down button

4. Press the Left button or the Right button to choose [Date] or [Date & Time].

Press the ⋖MENU⋗ button when finished.

4. When [Date Stamp] is set to [Date] or [Date & Time], [ ] is displayed on the LCD monitor.

5. The [Date Stamp] will be added to the images as shown below:


[Date & Time]


It is not possible to edit the displayed date, color, style, or position of date stamps.

Shooting modes in which the [Date Stamp] setting can be configured:

...[Date Stamp] can be added

...Shooting mode not available

ModelsShooting Modes
PowerShot G16*---
PowerShot S120*---
PowerShot S200----
PowerShot SX510 HS----
PowerShot SX170 IS----

*In C, C1, and C2 mode, [Date Stamp] setting availability varies depending on the assigned shooting mode.

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