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CameraWindow DC 8.10.3b2 for Mac OS X

For Mac OS X v10.8 Updated 05 Aug 2015 24 Sep 2015

Content Id: 0200426002

About the driver

CameraWindow DC 8.10.3b2 for Mac OS X is software that will install CameraWindow DC on your computer or update a previously installed version of CameraWindow DC to CameraWindow DC 8.10.3b2.

Please follow the procedures below to download and install the software. When installing it, quit other application software. 1. Download the "cdx-inst-8-10-3b2-23-u01-9l.dmg.gz" file from the download page. 2. Double-click the "cdx-inst-8-10-3b2-23-u01-9l.dmg.gz" file. The downloaded file will be extracted, and the "cdx-inst-8-10-3b2-23-u01-9l.dmg" file will be created. 3. Double-click the "cdx-inst-8-10-3b2-23-u01-9l.dmg" file. The disk image "CW8103b2M_Installer" will be mounted. 4. Double-click the installer, "CW8103b2M_Installer" in "CW8103b2M_Installer". 5. Follow the instructions on the screen to perform the installation.

Mac OS X 10.8/10.8.1: Wireless connection is not possible.