DP-V3010 Firmware Update version 1.2

30th November 2015
  • Firmware update 1.2 incorporates the following;

    Thank you for using Canon products.


    The modifications described below have now been incorporated into this Firmware Version 1.2; 

    Adds the capability to check video captured in the HDR (High Dynamic Range) video standard SMPTE ST 2084 supported by SMPTE and Canon Log (HDR) and Canon Log 2 (HDR) gamma settings.
    Gamut Mapping display function has been added that prioritises hue reproduction of the ITU-R BT.2020 broadcast standard colour gamut. 
    ACESproxy (ACES 1.0) display function has been added. 
    Adds the capability to check video captured in Canon Log 2, which is supported by EOS C300 Mark II. 
    Adds the capability to check video captured in ITU-R BT.1886 gamma, which is recommended for displays used to produce HDTV programs.
    Adds the capability to perform CDL control with a colour grading controller (element-Tk by Tangent Wave Ltd). 
    The following video production functions have been added: Waveform Monitor/Vectorscope function, Zoom function, False Colour function, Frame Hold/Screen Capture function and Background Colour function. 
    Set Filename, Import/Export Display Memory and Power on Setting functions have been added to Import/Export menu. 
    Password and Protect Target functions have been added to Protect Setting. 
    Adds the capability to control multiple displays with a single controller. 
    Operation has been enhanced to enable switching of multiple User LUT and CDL for a single picture mode, so that CDL setting values are retained even when the power is turned off. 
    Adds the capability to select High, Low and Offsetting for Backlight Scan. 
    Adds the capability to copy and set the names of Users 1 to 7. 
    Additional functions can be set in the Function/Channel buttons. 
    Adds the capability to select Large and Small OSD (On-Screen Display) size. 
    Adds the capability to set Colour Range and YCbCr colour matrix for each picture mode. 
Please check the firmware version on your Video Display. If it is running Version 1.1 (110.2223.4430) or an earlier version, then it should be updated to Version 1.2. There is no action necessary if the Video Display's firmware is Version 1.2.

For further information, please refer to the latest version of the unit's Instruction Manual that is released with the firmware update.

Download: DP-V3010 Firmware Update version 1.2
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