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DP-V1830 Video Display Firmware version 1.1

21st June 2022

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Change Details:
Details of changes made to the firmware
Firmware Version 1.1 incorporates the following improvements:

1. Adds YRGB to “Select Signal” for “Wave Form Monitor” to enable the simultaneous display of Y/R/G/B signal wave forms within the same screen.
2. Adds the ability to display the xy chromaticity values of all pixels in input images on a chromaticity diagram.
3. Adds “Multi Information View”, which displays all kinds of signal information including wave form monitors and chromaticity diagrams without overlapping them on an image.
4. Adds “Frame Luminance Monitor,” which displays maximum/average luminance values for input signals and their switching, etc.
5. Adds a “Histogram” that displays input image luminance frequency distribution.
6. Adds the ability to mix and display*1 images with both SDI and HDMI signals.
7. Adds the ability to have different image quality settings when displaying Dual/QuadView*1.
8. Adds the ability to have comparative display compatible with 4 types of different user LUT when displaying QuadView*1.
9. Adds the ability to use a remote control through a wired LAN connection to control the display using a PC or tablet devices, etc.
10. Adds a “Display Setting Link” function, which enables the synchronous setting of multiple displays that are connected using wired LAN.
11. Adds SD-SDI signal to input compatible signals.
12. Adds the ability to export/import settings via a wired LAN connection.
13. Adds “Switch Out*2” function, which allows selection of an arbitrary image from images (maximum of 4 images), including 4K/60P from a SDI input jack and outputs it from the “MULTIFUNC. SDI OUT” jack.
14. Ability to set "Gain R/G/B" and “Bias R/G/B" of “Color Temperature” in common with picture mode.
15. Adds the ability to set a “Marker Preset” for each channel.
16. The “H Offset” setting range, which specifies the display position of the “Time Code”, has been extended so it can be displayed in the center of the screen.
17. Adds the ability to simultaneously displace the “Wave Form Monitor” and “Vector Scope” on the left and right sides when displaying DualView.

*1: There are display limitations that are due to the resolution, frame rate and transmission method, etc., of the input image.
*2: A purchasable upgrade license is needed to enable the switch out function. Please contact your local distributor for all inquiries regarding purchasable upgrade licenses.

Firmware Version 1.1 is for the DP-V1830 4K Reference Display running Firmware Version 1.0. If the Reference Display's firmware is already version 1.1, it is not necessary to update the firmware.

Preparations for updating the firmware
It is recommended that current settings are exported before attempting to update the firmware. Once the firmware is updated, settings can be imported back to the display.

The downloaded folder contains the new firmware. (Filename: "update_dpv1830.rom", file size: 36,075,021 bytes) It also contains the firmware update procedure document (multilingual PDF file in following languages: Japanese, English, French, German and Chinese (simplified characters). Before proceeding to update the firmware, please read the firmware update procedure document.

The following items are required to perform the firmware update:
1. Display unit
2. Personal computer
3. USB memory (FAT16, FAT32 or exFAT)
4. The firmware (the downloaded file from Canon website. See link below)

Further information:
 ▶ DP-V1830 Firmware Download Link

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