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Canon Inkjet Printer GX6060 and GX7060 Announcement

7th September 2021

Thank you for purchasing and using Canon products.

We have identified an issue in a small number of GX6060 and GX7060 printers which may cause a minimal amount of ink to leak outside the printer when Ink Flush is selected from the menu.

Canon takes great pride in the quality and performance of its products, and we offer our sincere apologies for any inconvenience may cause.

Issue description:
When the Ink Flush is selected from the menu of the device or via printer driver menu (which is one of the maintenance functions), a small amount of ink may leak from the right side of the printer in rare instances.

Affected Printer Serial Numbers:
GX6060: KNDR00001 to KNDR00072
GX7060: KNEB00001 to KNEB00360

The serial number is located on the rear of the printer or on the label on the box.

Temporary Solution:
Ink leakage can be avoided by updating the printer firmware as a temporary measure only. You can download and install the updated firmware directly on the device (requires internet connection) or install via the firmware updater available for download from our website.

Direct to device instructions: GX-6060 or GX-7060
Firmware updater: 

Updating the firmware restricts the Ink Flush function on the device. Restriction of this function will enable continued use of the printer for the short term.

Next step:
If your printer serial number is one of those listed above you are eligible to return your printer for your choice of a replacement or refund. Please contact the Canon Australia via or calling 13 13 83 to speak directly to our customer support team.

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