Canon Support for Mac OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion)

Last Updated: 6th August 2012

The following information details the support for OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion) for Canon products. The links below will take you straight to the respective product information.

Consumer Inkjet and Scanner Products Consumer Laser and Business Products EFI Print Controllers Large Format Printers Camera and Video

Consumer Inkjet and Scanner Products

One of the new features of OS X 10.8 is Gatekeeper. This facility ensures that only applications and drivers that are digitally signed can be installed on the Mac. Canon has released updates for its consumer inkjet and scanner products to permit the installation of the drivers and supporting applications. Where applicable, the driver or application for the device will list OS X 10.8 as a supported operating system.

Supported Printer and Scanner Drivers
The following Canon consumer devices are officially supported on OS X 10.8 and available via Apple Software Update:

Single Function

All In One


iX4000 MP530 MX870 CS4400F
iX5000 MP830 MX350 LiDE 600F
iP1300 MP510 MX340 LiDE 90
iP6700D MP460 MG8100 CS8800F
iP4300 MP180 MG6100 CS5600F
Pro9000 MP600R MG5200 LiDE 200
Pro9500 MP140 MG5100 LiDE 100
iP2580 MP210 MP495 LiDE 700F
iP1800 MP220 MP280 CS9000F
iP1180 MP600 MP295 LiDE 210
iP90v MP470 MX885 LiDE 110
iP4500 MP520 MX420 CS9000F Mk II
iP3500 MX300 MX410  
mini320 MX310 MX360  
iP2600 MX700 MG2160  
iP100 MP610 MG3160  
iP4600 MP970 MG4160  
iP3600 MX7600 MG5350  
iP1900 MX850 MG6250  
Pro9500 Mk II MP980 MG8250  
Pro9000 Mk II MP630 MX376  
iP4700 MP620 MX436  
iX7000 MP540 MX516  
iP2700 MP480 MX715  
iP4800 MP260 MX895  
iX6500 MP240    
iP4950 MP190    
PRO-1 MX860    

For products not showing support for OS X 10.8, it may still be possible to install the driver or application that was created for Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion). To do this, Control-click on the installer icon and select Open from the menu. A window will appear, as shown below, requesting confirmation that you want to install the driver or application. Click Open to continue with the installation.

MP Navigator
When have found that MP Navigator will crash on some models of Mac running 10.8. We will release an updated version of MP Navigator.

Consumer Laser and Business Products

The following information applies to imageRUNNER, imageRUNNER Color, imageRUNNER ADVANCE, imagePRESS, LBP and MF devices.

Printer Drivers
Canon has released the UFRII v2.41, PS3 v3.51, CAPT v3.55 and FAX v3.70 to support Mac OS X 10.8.

For a Mac running 10.6 or 10.7 and using older versions of the drivers listed above, Canon recommends these older drivers are removed prior to upgrading to Mountain Lion. The Installation Guide included with the latest driver download details the removal procedure of the older driver. Once Mountain Lion is installed, then the latest version of driver can be installed.

Universal Send
Apple removed the open source SMB server Samba from Mac OS X Lion and replaced it with its own Windows file sharing tool called SMBX. This is still the case with Mountain Lion and due to changes made with SMBX, it stops the iR devices from scanning to the Mac running Lion.

For the file transmission to a shared folder on OS X 10.8, webDAV transmission is available for the imageRUNNER ADVANCE series and FTP transmission is available for all model with Universal Send kits installed. For information on how to enable FTP on Mountain Lion, please contact Canon Customer Support on 13 13 83. 

EFI Print Controllers

The following information applies to the EFI Print Controllers connected to the imageRUNNER, imageRUNNER Color, imageRUNNER ADVANCE and imagePRESS business products.

Printer Drivers
Official 10.8 drivers are available for the following models of EFI (Fiery) print controllers.

  • imagePASS-A1 for iR ADVANCED C70xx series
  • imagePASS-B1 for iR ADVANCED C50xx series
  • imagePASS-U1 for iR ADVANCED 80xx series, 60xx series and 40xx series
  • imagePASS-H1 for imageRUNNER C5185/5180/4580/4080
  • colorPASS GX200 for imageRUNNER C5185/5180
  • imagePRESS Q1/Q2 for imagePRESS C1/C1+

For other models of Fiery print controller not listed above, it is possible to install and use the Mac OS X 10.7 driver for the print controller. But to install the 10.7 driver on 10.8 you will have to open the driver folder you downloaded from Canon, press the Control key, click the OS X Installer.mpkg icon, choose Open from the shortcut menu, and then click Open.

For older models of Fiery print controller that have no 10.7 printer driver, you can use the Fiery Express Driver or the Generic Postsript printer driver included with 10.8. Note that the Generic Postscript driver does not support A3 paper.

EFI Software
The latest version of Fiery utilities (Command Workstation v5.3, Fiery Remote Scan, Hot Folder v3.3) will install and operate on Mac OS X 10.7. Canon INC is currently evaluating the operation of these applications and will advise if any restrictions are detected.

Large Format Printers

Due to the enhancement of security on OS X 10.8, all of the iPF software will need to be revised to be fully compatible. Printer drivers for OSX 10.8 will be released sequentially from the middle of September.

Existing printer drivers and supporting software for Mac OS X 10.7 can be installed by highlighting the installer, holding down the Control key and clicking. Select Open from the menu window and then click Open.

The planned release schedule for the following Large Format Printers.

Camera and Video Products

The following information details the current compatibility of Canon digital SLR and digital compact cameras, digital video cameras and compact printers (SELPHY) with Mac OS X Lion.





ImageBrowser 6.9.0 Not supported  
ImageBrowser EX 1.0.1 Can be used
PhotoStitch 3.2.6 Can be used  
CameraWindow 8.9.1 Can be used
EOS Utility 2.12.0 Can be used
Digital Photo Professional 3.1.41 Can be used
Picture Style Editor 1.10.3 Not supported Cannot be opened
WFT Utility 3.5.2 Not supported Wireless settings cannot be made
SELPHY Photo Print 1.3 Not supported Driver cannot be installed
CP Printer Driver 6.0 Not supported Driver cannot be installed


Canon strongly suggests that you check the download driver page prior to transitioning to Mountain Lion to ensure your Canon product will function correctly.

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