Printing from Sony PLAYSTATION®3

1st January 2011

You are now able to print photos from SONY PLAYSTATION®3 using Canon's PIXMA photo printers.

Canon products which support PLAYSTATION®3

The Canon products which can be used connected with PLAYSTATION®3 are shown below.

Supported models   PS3 firmware version  Supported I/F

PIXMA MP495/497/498/499,

PIXMA MG5210/5220/5240/5250/5270/5280

PIXMA MG6110/6120/6140/6150/6170/6180

PIXMA MG8120/8130/8140/8150/8170/8180

 3.40 or higher

 LAN Only

MX340/347/348, MX350/357/358, MX870/876,

MP560/568, MP640/648, MP990/996


        3.0 or higher

 LAN Only

MP620/628, MP980/988     

2.50 or higher 



mini260, MP320, MP610

2.00 or higher 


** NOTE 1: Supported by PLAYSTATION®3 System Software Ver. 2.00 or later.
NOTE 2: To print from PLAYSTATION®3, see PLAYSTATION®3 System Software User's Guide on the Sony website.

Supported languages

Based on the PS3 supported languages.

English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Korean, Japanese, and Polish*

*:  PS3 firmware version is Ver. 3.10 or higher.

To perform printing from PS3, select the printer to be used in the PS3 window after connecting the printer via a USB cable or via network. Note that the printer should be connected with the PS3 via a router in the network. (Ad-hoc connection is not available).