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Multi-Camera Management Application

Centralised setup and management of remote cameras
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Centralised setup and management of remote cameras

Explore Canon's Multi-Camera Management Application for Remote Cameras

Multi-Camera Management Application
  • Management of large systems

    The Multi-Camera Management Application enables setup and management of up to 200 remote cameras and controllers. Since they can be registered all at once using the app, this makes management centralised and efficient.

    Management of large systems
  • Simplification of initial setup

    Conventionally, the registration of manager usernames, passwords and IP addresses to a camera, and registration of a camera to the controller had to be executed individually. With this app, these procedures can be executed from a single system. Initial configuration of large-scale systems can be done with minimal workload.

    Simplification of initial setup
  • Monitoring of images and statuses

    Firmware versions, standby statuses, errors and other information can be displayed as a convenient list, making camera status checks easier. Devices for display can also be switched in each camera group.

    Multi-Camera Management Application
  • Efficient ongoing management

    Ongoing management like firmware updates, standby, restarts, initialising and backup/restoration can be completed with the single app without needing to open the setting page for each individual camera. Maintenance can be performed all the once, saving time.

    Simplification of initial setup