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PTZ Remote Cameras

Experience the cutting-edge technology of Canon PTZ (Pan, Tilt, and Zoom) remote cameras. Designed to deliver crystal-clear 4K video, these cameras blend the best of our video production and network camera technologies. Equipped with advanced features like auto focus, high magnification zoom lenses and remote-control capabilities, our PTZ cameras are ideal for a range of applications, from conference rooms and educational settings to live streaming major sporting and entertainment broadcasts. Their flexible design and intuitive remote controls make them perfect for capturing dynamic, high-definition footage from any angle.
Get a view on our range of PTZ Remote Cameras
Explore our range of PTZ remote cameras, each engineered for precision and versatility. From outdoor to indoor environments, our cameras offer exceptional pan, tilt, zoom capabilities, and robust remote-control options for outstanding video capture.
Outdoor Remote Camera CR-X500
15x optical zoom lens
Large 1" CMOS sensor supporting 4K definition
Dual Pixel CMOS AF with face detection
Outdoor Remote Camera CR-X300
20x optical zoom lens
Hybrid AF focus with face detection and tracking
1/2.3" CMOS sensor supporting 4K definition
Remote Camera CR-N700
Dual Pixel CMOS AF support
Two channels of SDI output (12G-SDI/3G-SDI)
Supports HLG/PQ and Canon Log 3
Remote Camera CR-N500
15x optical zoom lens
Large 1" CMOS sensor supporting 4K definition
Dual Pixel CMOS AF with face detection
Remote Camera CR-N300
20x optical zoom lens
1/2.3" CMOS sensor supporting 4K definition
Wide angle lens starts at 29.3mm
Remote Camera CR-N100
20x optical zoom lens
1/2.3" CMOS sensor supporting 4K 30p
Hybrid autofocus
Remote Camera Controller RC-IP1000
7-inch touch screen panel
Variety of controllers including focus dial
Interface - 12G-SDI in/out, HDMI out and IP in
Remote Camera Controller RC-IP100
Intuitive touch panel operation
Control and zoom levers for pan, tilt and zoom
Change camera settings and control focus
Get a closer look at our PTZ Camera technology
Our PTZ remote camera range highlight the best of our -technology and are tailored for diverse video production needs. From the CR-N100, ideal for compact setups and live events with its impressive zoom capabilities, to the advanced CR-N700, which excels in professional broadcast environments with its 4K 60P recording and precise autofocus, each model offers unique features. Common to all, you'll find exceptional image quality, robust connectivity options including IP streaming, and versatile control systems. These cameras are not just about capturing high-quality video; they embody adaptability and performance, suitable for everything from educational content to high-end live sports broadcasting.
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The advantages of our PTZ Cameras

Canon PTZ cameras stand out for their reliability, advanced technology, system integration, and superior image quality. Perfect for live streaming, education, news, TV dramas and remote filming, these cameras offer flexibility and control. With features like high-definition 4K video, wide-angle lenses, and powerful zoom capabilities, they capture every detail. The intuitive remote controls, including remote shutter release and auto-tracking, make it easy to operate from a distance, ensuring that you never miss a moment. Our range of PTZ cameras are a testament to our ongoing commitment to innovation, offering users a dynamic filming experience and outstanding video production quality.

CR-N500 | Stupid Old Studios Podcast Studio

Your PTZ Camera questions answered
Discover the functionality and benefits of our PTZ cameras in this FAQ section. From their suitability for live streaming to the intricacies of how they work, we provide insights into the uses, advantages, and workings of PTZ technology.
  • What are PTZ Cameras used for?

    Our PTZ remote cameras are versatile for various applications including live broadcasting, event coverage, video conferencing, and educational content creation. Their ability to pan, tilt, and zoom remotely make them ideal for dynamic shooting environments.
  • How does a PTZ Camera work?

    PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) cameras from Canon operate through remote controls, allowing the camera to move horizontally (pan), vertically (tilt), and adjust the zoom remotely. This provides a wide range of motion and focal lengths for comprehensive coverage.
  • What does PTZ mean for cameras?

    PTZ stands for Pan, Tilt, and Zoom. These cameras offer a dynamic range of motion controlled remotely, enabling broad coverage and detailed focus, essential for live events, studio production, and more.
  • Are PTZ Cameras good for live streaming?

    Absolutely. Canon PTZ cameras are ideal for live streaming due to their high-quality video output, remote control capabilities, and versatile zoom features. They ensure seamless, dynamic coverage for live events and streaming. For example, with a 1.0” sensor, 15x zoom and a range of connections the CR-N500 is a great fit for a video studio, large events, theatre or local sports. Plus, with our multi-camera management application you can manage and control large groups of PTZ cameras at once.
Learn more about our PTZ Cameras
For those looking to expand their knowledge on PTZ camera technology, explore our resources and blogs. Find detailed articles on optimizing camera use, creative applications, and the latest advancements in PTZ camera technology.