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Five Reasons to Step up to a Remote Camera With the CR-N100

In an era where video production is rapidly changing, we have drawn from our expertise in pro video and cinema cameras, with network camera technology to develop a range of professional 4K remote cameras. With exceptional image quality and precise control, they are designed to fit in with a variety of productions and applications.

What is a remote PTZ camera?

A PTZ camera, or Pan-Tilt-Zoom camera, is a type of video camera that offers the capability to remotely control its movement along the horizontal (pan) and vertical (tilt) axes, as well as adjust its zoom level. While the camera is physically static, it can be controlled in real-time to get different points of view.

Pan: Camera can scan or follow subjects across a large field of view
Tilt: Camera can look up or down, covering different heights and angles
Zoom: Camera can adjust focal length to get closer views of specific details or maintain a wide perspective of an area

We’ve brought our high-quality optics and imaging technology to create an offering of professional remote PTZ cameras with excellent image clarity, colour accuracy and low-light performance.

Applications for a remote PTZ camera

We offer remote 4K solutions for a broad range of situations and budgets. Within our indoor range is the:

CR-N700: The top of our line, with a 1.0” sensor and infrared video capabilities – Ideal for reality TV, professional sports and concerts.
CR-N500: With a 1.0” sensor, 15x zoom and a range of connections this camera is a great fit for a video studio, large Events, theatre or local sports.
CR-N300: This camera is compact and features 1/2.3” sensor 20x zoom and a reliable SDI connection making it ideal for live events, portable setups and podcasting.
CR-N100: This camera is compact and features a1 /2.3” sensor, 20x zoom and easy webcam setup. It is ideal for your auditorium, boardroom or event venue.

With the new addition of the CR-N100 to our line-up of remote cameras, customers now have greater choice of products that support a wide range of uses, from professional video production to video content use by enterprises, local governments, and educational institutions.

The Remote Camera CR-N100

The CR-N100 remote camera takes video production to new heights and makes an excellent new addition to your team. Here are five reasons why:

CR-N100 Remote Camera

1. Flexible remote control:

Control the camera your way with freedom of connectivity. You can use the included infrared remote or a wired IP connection to pan, tilt and zoom the camera remotely over a network.

With a versatile protocol - utilising XC Protocol, NDI|HX, RTMP, SRT and IP communication – the camera has great connectivity with third party devices that will help fit into your existing workflow. Take control with a dedicated controller, your computer or even a tablet.

The remote control features of the camera combined with hybrid autofocus, face detection and intelligent scene modes lets you focus on your composition while the camera takes care of the image quality.

2. Unlock more with our apps:

The CR-N100 is even more powerful when combined with our applications. The Remote Camera Control App (RCCA) allows you to take control of 20 remote cameras and view their video output.

The free-of-charge Multi Camera Management app enables batch management, settings, and maintenance of multiple cameras with a single app. The app supports multi-monitoring of camera images, simplifies initial settings and dramatically reduces operation and management tasks.

Multi Camera Management app for remote cameras

3. Programable presets:

Do more on your own, with programmable preset positions you’ll give anyone the impression you a have a whole crew. Using the Remote Camera Control App (RCCA) or web browser you can register up to 100 presets including the cameras exposure settings as well as the pan, tilt and zoom positions. Quickly jump between different compositions for that high production value look and feel.

CR-N100 broad compatibility

4. Broad compatibility:

Whether you need a webcam for your video conferencing software, an IP camera for your live broadcast or high-quality HDMI feed for your mixer – The CR-N100 is ready to join your team. The CR-N100 features UVC (USB Video Class) for plug and play webcam use. It can produce stunning 4K 30p 10-bit video over HDMI and versatile 4K 30p 8-bit video over IP connections. Even better, with Power Over Ethernet+ (POE+) the camera can communicate and be powered over a single ethernet cable.

CR-N100 reversed installation

5. Install it where it works for you:

The CR-N100 is only 2.2kg and 178mm tall. With its built-in tripod mount and included camera mounting plate you can keep the camera out of the way or in places you can’t reach. It’s 20x zoom allows you to position it at the back of a venue knowing you have the reach you need and if you want to mount it upside down on the ceiling, the camera will even let you rotate the image.

The CR-N100 offers a great entry-level price point to get into professional remote PTZ cameras, while still offering a high-quality automated solution. Be ready for your next project with features like its Hybrid AF, Face Detection, 20x zoom, 4K 10-Bit video and extensive remote functions. Learn more about the CR-N100 here.