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Nurture growth and success - With Canon Early Childhood Education Print Solutions
Just like you, Canon is dedicated to sparking curiosity and wonder in young learners, encouraging them to explore, engage and create.
Our suite of print and digitised document management solutions empowers you to achieve your goals and nurture a thriving learning environment.
Give little learners the resources they need to thrive and build an engaged community around your centers with Canon’s world-class printers and expert support.
Helping you nurture growth and success
Canon can help you engage young minds, build community and grow your business.
  • Bring your prints to life

    Bring your prints to life

    Our printers allow you to create vibrant, high-quality educational and marketing material in-house. Everything from newsletters to activity sheets, stickers and even large posters can be printed on a variety of media on site, saving you considerable time and money.

  • Safeguard records

    Safeguard records and data

    Limit the risk of data breaches through cyber threats or malicious attacks throughout the scanning and printing process. McAfee Embedded Control powered by Trellix, helps you protect sensitive, confidential student information daily.

  • Reduce environmental impact

    Reduce your environmental impact

    Leverage Canon’s energy efficient devices to minimise wasteful printing by Implementing default print settings and adopting digital workflows that align with sustainable practices.

  • Maximise productivity

    Maximise productivity

    Enhance your productivity and efficiency via mobile/BYOD printing, print-from and scan-to-cloud capabilities, including services such as OneDrive, Dropbox and Google Drive. Capture information digitally via eForms and automate operational workflows.

Intelligent Solutions for Childcare Centres
Empowering centres of all sizes, now and into the future
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