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How colour can connect customers to your brand

Discover how your business can leverage the power of display graphics to engage consumers, thanks to the eye-catching colours provided by flatbed printers. 

Find out why Australian businesses need to leverage the power of display graphics, as well as the abilities of print experts.

In our ever-competitive digital space, it’s increasingly difficult for brands to stand out from the crowd. Brands that underestimate the power of colour on purchasing behaviour can quickly fall behind their more visually led counterparts.
In this article, we look at the significance of colour as a valuable avenue through which you can engage consumers and connect them with your brand.
Defining brand perception
Colour can play an integral role in how your brand is perceived. After all, first impressions count. Think of Jetstar with its signature orange or Qantas with its iconic red and white.
The secret to brand perception is keeping your colour use consistent, and repeating it across your entire branding and marketing strategy. Online, this could mean having your colours in your logo, website themes and social media pages. Offline, this means ensuring your brand colours are visibly prominent on signage, banners, flyers and your products or merchandise.
The key is repetition. The more you use your branded colours consistently, the greater the impact on your customers and the easier it is for them to identify you.
Emotion-led responses
Purchasing behaviour is predominantly driven by emotion, so many brands take time to study the psychology of colour before determining which response they want to evoke from their customers. For instance, blue is associated with trust, reliability and relaxation, while red is associated with power, passion and dominance.
According to a study by Marketo, it is for these reasons industries like car manufacturers prefer red branding over blue. Conversely, energy companies opt for more blue tones than red.
Standing out from the competition
Ever wondered why McDonald’s has bright golden arches? Or why Coca-Cola uses bold red and white? Brighter, vibrant colours stand out from the crowd, and iconic brands have always capitalised on brightness to leave their visual mark.
Brands serious about the vibrancy of their brand colours can take a look at Canon printers like the Arizona UV flatbed range, which can take graphics and visual payoff to a new level.
To get your colours quick off the mark and in front of your customers, Arizona is the fastest machine on the market and offers consistent print quality for both indoor and outdoor application on a wide variety of surfaces.
Connect quickly with your customers
For businesses that are time-poor, printing branded products, signage and marketing material while ensuring vibrancy and colour punch can be a challenge.
The efficiency and advanced finishing systems of Canon printers like the Arizona UV flatbed range have the ability to save around 12 hours a week through workflow and brighter and more powerful graphics.
Ultimately, you want that instant ‘I want it’ factor from your customers – that overwhelming sense of desire a customer has when they see your branded colours and visuals. This means both the choice of colour and the way it is printed and displayed are essential to make your brand ‘pop’ in the eyes of your customers.
Canon Professional Print’s global, bestselling Arizona UV flatbed range has the capacity to bring your brand to life with the most vivid and accurate colour payoff. Through the combination of superior printing technology and clever colour design, businesses serious about their brand can ensure they connect more visually and immediately with their customers. This can set a solid foundation upon which your brand can grow, diversify and broaden your customer reach moving forward.

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