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Printing and Scanning Tech Secures Legal Firms Against Cybercrime. Here’s How.

Choosing reliable, advanced printing and scanning technology like Canon can help.

Transforming Legal Firms

Digital transformation and cloud-based solutions have disrupted every industry in Australia. The legal sector is no exception. As the number of solicitors across the country¹ continues to grow, legal firms are increasingly embracing digital transformation to support and supplement traditional, paper-based operations. In doing so, they’re finding their businesses are better placed to meet client expectations and deliver excellent service.

Firms that are embracing digital transformation are experiencing enhanced workflows, more efficient file management, and opportunities for more effective collaboration. They’re also facilitating better protection of highly confidential information from cybersecurity threats. Plus, this technology is helping them achieve compliance with government data security and privacy requirements which are expected to become increasingly complex.

But even legal firms that have already introduced digital technologies into their operations have the potential to optimise further. By upgrading existing printing and scanning solutions with a Canon multifunction device, firms like yours are enabled to deliver reliable client services without interruptions, while preparing for the digital future with first-in-class print and scan technology.

Overcome Challenges in the Legal Sector with Reliable Cloud-Based Solutions

Digital transformation is changing the demands that clients and regulators put on legal firms. As such, organisations of every size are turning to cloud-based technology to secure their future. Advanced printing and scanning devices are an integral part of this transition.

While reams of paper and printed documents, often in multiple copies, currently remains the norm for legal firms, clients increasingly expect to receive digital communication. To manage this expectation, legal businesses need a single, reliable printing and scanning solution that will seamlessly and securely maintain their records.

Drive Productivity within a Demanding Environment

The digital transition has created a demand for quicker turnaround times and a more personalised approach across the professional services sector. Those that continue to rely on a traditional business model without adaptation, will struggle to meet these demands.

On the other hand, those that integrate advanced printing and scanning technology into practice management systems will be able to meet increasingly tight deadlines and exceed client expectations without compromising on personalised service. As administrative work becomes more and more automated, staff have time to devote to impressing clients.

Affordable and Reliable Solutions

Canon’s multifunction devices gives Australian legal businesses access to state-of-the-art technology without excessive up-front investment. These sophisticated machines are built to last. One single multifunction printer is often enough to allow your team to scan, print, and file securely from any location and any device. Eminently versatile, these devices make leading technology cost effective for businesses of all sizes.

Choosing Canon means opting for a reliable, proven print and scan solution that is backed by a strong commitment to customer service. Don’t take our word for it – our customers have awarded us a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 76.77² with a first-fix rating of 9 times out of 10³ across the Canon business. Plus, thanks to our self-service portal MyCanon Business, customers like you can book service, order consumables, and troubleshoot their devices independently.

Collaboration Made Easy

Gone are the days when the entire staff of legal firms was office-based. As more businesses offer opportunities to work remotely, or choose a hybrid work model, teams need to be able to collaborate from anywhere.

By matching Canon hardware with the award-winning⁴, cloud-based uniFLOW Online print management software, it is possible for anyone to scan and file to a single platform - no matter where they are. By moving to the cloud, firms can collaborate in real time and minimise delays without compromising data security - in doing so, gaining a distinct advantage over paper-based processes.

Built-In Data Security and Compliance

Cyber threats and malicious attacks can be devastating for businesses. Statistics from the Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) show that the average cost per cybercrime is nearing $40,000 for small businesses alone.⁵

Legal firms handle sensitive and privileged information for their clients, putting them under pressure to ensure secure data storage and handling. Canon’s advanced print and scan technology comes readily equipped with a full suite of cybersecurity protections, including McAfee Embedded Control.

These sophisticated protections, combined with solid cybersecurity protocols, allow legal firms to assure their clients that the likes of financial details, trade secrets, and other intellectual property are in safe hands during printing and scanning processes.

The same technology simplifies compliance with industry regulations. Robust security measures protect your business from real-time malware attacks, data breaches, or tampering with firmware. Put simply, combining Canon’s and McAfee’s technology and expertise helps legal firms keep confidential data secure and prevents problems that are all too common for paper-based operations.

Saying that, legal firms can do more to ensure data security⁶. Employee training and regular audits are two additional key measures. Remember, the strongest data security protocols combine a variety of tools.

Confidentiality Maintained

Trust is the mainstay of client relationships in the legal sector. Even a single breach of trust can be hard to recover from. Permission-based access technology and a Zero Trust approach allow you to increase client trust in your business.

How does it work? Thanks to uniFLOW Online software, all documents remain securely in the user’s print queue until they identify themselves at the machine. No matter what the person’s position is in the firm, the software requires an individual authentication before releasing information. As a result, the risk of privileged information getting into the wrong hands is limited. It’s a simple but highly effective approach.

Integrated Workflows

Modern print and scan devices do more than handle paper for legal firms. Canon multifunction devices helps you manage your print and scan workflows between platforms and software systems.

By connecting your Canon multifunction device directly to practice management applications* like LEAP, Lexis Affinity, ActionStep, and Practice Evolve, your team can scan directly to matter numbers and charge disbursements accurately without additional steps. Thanks to automation, your team’s productivity increases as they focus on billable work rather than administrative tasks.

Waste Reduction

Most Australian businesses are under pressure to reduce their environmental footprint. Taking steps towards digitisation today allows legal firms to cut their paper consumption significantly.

Choosing a Canon multifunction device and cloud-based uniFLOW Online software minimises unnecessary printing and secures confidential data. Your team saves time, the company lowers overhead costs, and the environment benefits from reduced use of resources like paper and other consumables.

Secure Your Firm’s Future Today

The legal sector is changing and securing the future of your firm is impossible without digital transformation. Choosing reliable, advanced printing and scanning technology like Canon devices over traditional printers allows your team to increase productivity, address data security concerns, and collaborate more easily – all without excessive or repeated investment costs.

At Canon, our team is here to support your firm’s digital transformation journey. Award-winning hardware, combined with public cloud-based software like uniFLOW Online, is our way of smoothing your transition.

Why Canon?

As a global leader in imaging for over 80 years, Canon is renowned for innovation, reliability, and security. Thousands of organisations like yours trust our solutions, and we would love nothing more than to welcome you to the Canon family.

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² Based on 1,201 respondents with a Margin Error of 1.5
³ Average first-time fix rate for all technician visits in 2022 across direct metro areas

*Canon multifunction devices must have a uniFLOW Online subscription in order connect with legal practice management systems

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