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Recoveriescorp reduces costs with Canon’s MFD, uniFLOW & eMaintenance

With 60 printers from two vendors, Recoveriescorp needed to simplify its environment, control costs and improve security. Canon’s multifunctional device, uniFLOW and eMaintenance ticked the boxes.

Recoveriescorp Regains Control of Costs & Efficiencies with Canon’s MFD, uniFLOW & eMaintenance.

Recoveriescorp works with banking & finance, insurance, national utilities, telecommunications and Government authorities to recover outstanding balances.

With 60 devices from 2 vendors in operation at its offices, it was time to recover some of its own expenses. The company wanted to simplify its environment, gain greater control over costs and improve document security and compliance.

Canon Professional Services conducted a thorough volume and location analysis of Recoveriescorp’s usage patterns then tailored a configuration to suit its needs. Devices were reduced from 60 to 6 multifunctional printers and uniFLOW software was introduced to increase productivity and security while reducing costs and waste. Canon eMaintenance added value by streamlining fleet management.

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