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Canon XF205 Digital Video Camera
High-performance, versatile and compact ENG camera for every shoot
XF 205
  • An ENG camera with DIGIC DV4 for outstanding imagery

    Canon's exclusive Digital Imaging Integrated Circuit collaborates with a CMOS sensor to maximise image quality, so you achieve professional results.

    XF205 light on sensor image
  • Enhance footage with artistic bokeh effects

    With an eight-blade circular aperture you can create beautiful, artistic film, applying a natural, artistic bokeh effect to out of focus highlights.

    XF205 iris bokeh image
  • A versatile camera with MXF and MP4 recording

    With MXF and MP4 recording, Canon's XF205 lets you manage different shooting environments, producing output according to your needs.

    XF205 codec image
  • Maintain your grip even when rotating

    Maintain a firm grip when shooting with an aluminium die-cast grip that can be rotated through a wide 120-degree angle in discrete 15-degree steps.

    XF205 grip rotation image
  • XF205 Hand Held image

    An ENG camera that gives you full control of the focus

    Enjoy the precision of three separate, banked lens rings for independent control of critical focus, zoom and iris/aperture settings.

  • XF205 zoom lens image

    Exploit creativity with your ENG Camera's wide-angle lens

    With a 35mm equivalent zoom lens of 26.8-576mm providing an extended range for wide-angle to extreme telephoto shooting.

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