Your affordable, forward thinking HD digital video camera

XF305 Pro DV
Portable, high-performance professional digital video for videographers, film-makers, media and live multi-camera environments
  • A DV with unsurpassed image quality

    This state-of-the-art digital video camera that combines Canon's 3CMOS sensor system with DiG!C DV III image processing and an HD L lens.

    XF305 3CMOS system
  • A high quality camera that uses MPEG-2 Long-GOP/MXF Files

    Gain the professional advantage with codec software and CMOS image sensors, powerful enough to unleash the image quality of your lens.

    MFX Codec logo
  • A camera with high resolution and focus at any distance

    Equipped with a large HD L lens, an 18x optical zoom, centre resolution of 1,000 TV lines and AF control linked to face detection.

    XF305 HD lens image
  • Refined ergonomics, balance and weight distribution

    Portable, and intuitive to use the Canon XF305 it's the perfect balance between operation and weight.

    XF305 ergonomic image
More Features
  • XF305 CF Card slots

    A portable cinema camera that just keeps going

    With relay recording across two card slots you can film all you need without interruption or the risk of draining your media.

  • XF305 LCD Panel

    Control your DV from a 1.23-megapixel HD LCD Panel

    With a large, rotating 10cm HD LCD panel, you'll gain the advantage of 100% coverage for greater usability, mobility and professional results.

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