Flagship XF Series DV Camera

Product image of XF705
Enabling rich visual expression via outstanding 4K image quality and HDR recording
Product image of XF705
  • 4K UHD HDR

    Capture 4K image quality and HDR for more realistic visual expression

    4K UHD HDR on XF705 sample image
  • 1.0-Type CMPS Sensor

    Canon’s 1.0-Type CMOS enhances high sensitivity and low noise performance to increase shooting area and expressive capabilities

    1.0-Type CMPS Sensor
  • XF-HEVC 4K UHD 50P 4:2:2 10bit

    Support for high compression HEVC enables 4K UHD image quality recording on SD cards

    4K UHD image quality recording example
  • FHD 100P Slow Motion Recording

    You get high-speed recording with a maximum 100fps in Full HD, realising even greater emotion in visual expression

    Surfer on wave XF705 sample image
First Look: Canon XF705