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Looking to grow your photography in a relaxed environment with others like yourself? Try a Canon Collective Event

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Balloon Aloft in the Hunter Valley
No matter what level you are, we'll help you walk away with a bunch of shots you'll be proud to share
  • Canon Collective

    Enjoy unique photographic experiences

    Great photos are about great preparation and we've done the hard work for you. We’ll show you the best spots and times to shoot, including locations most people can't access. All you have to do is keep an eye on our events calendar, register and turn up.

  • passionate people

    Meet passionate people

    There is nothing like the creative inspiration you get from being part of a passionate group of people. This includes our Collective Ambassadors who attend each event to guide you plus our growing community of photographers like you who love to learn, share and have fun together.

  • Canon Collective

    Try the latest Canon gear

    In addition to great experiences, we make the best gear available for you to use. Come along to an event and try that special lens, newly released camera or see your images come to life in print.

Long Exposures at St Kilda Pier
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