Collective Ambassadors

The Canon Collective is a group of passionate photography Ambassadors dedicated to helping you grow your skills in relaxed, down-to-earth environment.

  • Canon Collective Ambassador Kass Brumley

    Kass Brumley

    Based in Brisbane, Kass grew up in sunny Queensland and has a passion for capturing the world around her.

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  • Canon Collective Ambassador Greg Sullavan

    Greg Sullavan

    Based in Brisbane, Greg is an AIPP Master Photographer who loves travel and nature photography.

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  • Canon Collective Ambassador Simon Everiss

    Simon Everiss

    Based in Sydney, Simon is an experienced photography and videography educator. He is passionate about sharing his knowledge and has special interest in fashion, look book, lifestyle, portraiture and video.

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  • Canon Collective Ambassador Scott Stramyk

    Scott Stramyk

    Based in Sydney, Scott’s an experienced photographer who was bitten by the travel bug and never recovered.

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  • Canon Collective Ambassador Jay Collier

    Jay Collier

    Based in Melbourne, Jay’s a long-time photographic professional with a passion for African wildlife.

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  • Gemma Ortlipp, Canon Collective Ambassador

    Gemma Ortlipp

    Melbourne-based photographer Gemma Ortlipp enjoys getting creative with her photography. She has a penchant for capturing a variety of animals, with African wildlife and dogs stealing her heart.

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  • Canon Collective Ambassador Steve Huddy

    Steve Huddy

    Based in Adelaide, Steve grew up hopping islands in the South Pacific while exploring his love for photography.

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