Collective Ambassadors

The Canon Collective is a group of passionate photography Ambassadors dedicated to helping you grow your skills in relaxed, down-to-earth environment.

  • Collective Ambassador Jenn Cooper

    Jenn Cooper

    Based in Sydney, Jenn loves adventure and photography almost as much as she loves her beautiful family.

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  • Collective Ambassador Greg Sullavan

    Greg Sullavan

    Based in Brisbane, Greg is an AIPP Master Photographer who loves travel and nature photography.

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  • Collective Ambassador Scott Stramyk

    Scott Stramyk

    Based in Sydney, Scott’s an experienced photographer who was bitten by the travel bug and never recovered.

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  • Collective Ambassador Kass Brumley

    Kass Brumley

    Based in Sydney, Kass grew up in sunny Queensland and has a passion for capturing the world around her.

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  • Collective Ambassador Steve Huddy

    Steve Huddy

    Based in Adelaide, Steve grew up hopping islands in the South Pacific while exploring his love for photography.

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  • Collective Ambassador Neal Walters

    Neal Walters

    Based in Melbourne, Neal’s an energetic photography nerd with roots in the music photography scene.

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  • Collective Ambassador Jay Collier

    Jay Collier

    Based in Melbourne, Jay’s a long-time photographic professional with a passion for African wildlife.

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