Canon Collective

Frequently Asked Questions

Updated 17 August 2020

Have Canon Collective events stopped nationwide?
Canon Australia has announced that the Canon Collective program will discontinue in its current format after almost a decade of hosting photography events and workshops aimed at helping consumers take their skills to the next level. Canon Collective events will cease across the country with key closure dates below for each State and Territory listed below:

 • Victoria: All activities have ceased in adherence with current Victorian restrictions
 • Western Australia: All activities have ceased due to current state border closures
 • ACT, Tasmania, Northern Territory: All activities will cease immediately
 • South Australia: All activities will cease by 30 August 2020
 • New South Wales: All activities will cease by 31 October 2020
 • Queensland: All activities will cease by 31 October 2020
 • International: All activities will cease immediately

Why are Canon Collective events discontinuing?
The impact of the global COVID-19 pandemic has made running Canon Collective events incredibly difficult. This has in turn has affected the long-term viability of the program in its current format. This decision to end the Canon Collective in its current form was a difficult decision for the business, however necessary to ensure the long-term sustainability and success of the organisation.

I have purchased a ticket to an event which is scheduled prior to the closure date. Will it still run?
Yes, events that are scheduled to take place before the closure dates will run as usual and will be unaffected by the change.

I have purchased a ticket to an event scheduled after the closure dates. What does this mean?
Canon Collective will be contacting ticketholders directly to arrange full refunds for affected photography workshop events. Please allow up to 14 days for funds to appear in your nominated account. Those with tickets for partner tours and events will be contacted directly via the tour operator to discuss the options.

Will the Canon Collective social media channels continue to operate?
The Canon Collective Facebook Group will continue to operate as a space for community members to collaborate, inspire, and challenge their photography skills. We’ll be phasing out the @canoncollectiveofficial Instagram channel by 31 October 2020.

How can I continue learning and growing my photography skills without Collective events?
The Canon Collective closed Facebook community will continue to operate to ensure our talented and passionate community can continue collaborating, inspiring, and challenging their photography skills.

Canon Australia will also continue to update the community on further opportunities to take their photography to the next level. We invite you to follow the Canon Australia Facebook, Instagram and YouTube channels, and to sign up to the InFocus newsletter. Updates from Canon Australia will include regular creative challenges, access to Australia’s best content creators, tips and tricks to advance your craft, learn content to get more out of your gear, product launches and updates on future events.

Will I be able to access Canon gear?
Canon often works with local retailers to bring hands-on product experiences to consumers. We will keep the community informed of upcoming opportunities via the Canon Australia channels.

I have a photography question. Can I still get in touch with the Collective Ambassadors?
Canon Collective Ambassadors will be available to answer any questions or to share advice via until 31 October 2020. Due to a reduced team, you may experience a delay in receiving an email response. We appreciate your patience and look forward to speaking to you soon.