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Top 10 Australian entries: Canon’s 50th anniversary video competition

To celebrate 50 years of Canon Oceania we challenged you to show us what '50' means to you! We invited Canon Ambassadors, Kate Cornish and Wil Calabio to judge the video entries which were filled with creativity and imagination - check out the top 10 entries from Australia. Thank you so much to everyone who entered, it was an honour to celebrate our 50 years with you!

“It’s been a wonderful opportunity to sift through all the creative entries for this competition. We have so many talented Aussie filmmakers here and that is apparent with the quality of films, and definitely made my judging hard. I was looking for a film that embraced the brief with an ‘outside of the box’ approach, and 50 ft above did just that. The filmmakers use of composition, colour and playful blocking was a joy to watch.”

Kate Cornish, Canon Ambassador

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50 Feet Above - Alexandrena Parker

“The film is captured from a height of 50 feet using a drone, prompting viewers to observe human behavior from a unique perspective. I hope this film encourages reflection on the passage of time and the significance of your own childhood play. I intentionally directed the children to engage in authentic play, inventing games with basic props like balls, ropes, chalk, and chairs. Colour and location played pivotal roles to evoke a sense of nostalgia, aiming to transport viewers back in time.”

My Canon Journey: A Photographic Odyssey - Kureng Dapel

“Join me as I narrate my photographic journey with Canon, beginning with my very first Canon camera. This video is a celebration of my evolution as a photographer, showcasing a compilation of 50 photographs that span from my early days of capturing everything in sight, to my more refined and impactful work today. These photographs are not just images, they represent a journey of discovery. Through my Canon lens, I've explored the depths of Yankari's waters and the vibrant life on the streets of my homeland, capturing the untold stories of Africa. For me, my Canon camera is much more than a piece of equipment; it's a vital tool that has allowed me to embrace diverse landscapes, convey raw emotions, and tell resonant stories. This video is my way of expressing my deep gratitude to Canon for being an essential part of my journey, enabling me to see and share the world in extraordinary ways.”

Archiving the ordinary - Narika McKenzie

“A series of moments I want to remember 50 years from now shot on my canon super 8 that's is 50 years old. Music composed by Stephen Pitts & used with permission.”

50 - Richard Perin

“Just before my mother died this time about five years ago and while she was locked up in a nursing home (in the final days of what was a terrible fight with dementia) my eldest brother called me on the telephone and explained that he needed to empty Mums house so it could be rented, and I needed to come see what I wanted to take.

I was the last to go through her things. My older brothers and my older sister had already been there a few days and cleaned her house (out) and divided the ‘valuables’. This included a stash of expired gift vouchers that she had won from years of ‘Bingo’ What my siblings didn’t take were the hand embroidered handkerchiefs and tea towels or the crocheted doily’s - that mum made before she married my father - when she still had time. They seemed to be part of her dowry? But when I started to collect these to keep, I discovered that inside each one, my mother had hidden photographs.

Some had started to yellow, and some were moth damaged, but most remained in excellent condition. They were photos of anything, family, dads truck, our countless pets, and even one of a ladder. My mother and father were married 50 years (and when he died) It was as though she had placed them there to preserve each one, to preserve each memory. When I told my siblings about this discovery (over a fast food lunch - the kitchen goods had already been taken) there was an almost audible gasp that came from all of them simultaneously. One of my older brothers then explained that they had thrown out ‘so many’ embroidered handkerchiefs and tea towels - but had never checked inside. That afternoon, I spent hours and hours going through the nearly full ‘Bingo’ skip bin in the back yard, looking for old photos hidden in things. This video includes photos I found, and including videos I took and key events, my sister grieving at my fathers death, my sisters wedding, my mother in hospital, and then finally my aunt at my mums funeral. I miss you mum.”

50 Favourite Sunsets - Alex Hunt

“My favourite sunsets captured all around Australia and south east Asia with my favourite Canon R5”

50 Polaroids - Victor Lim

“A girl and her polaroid camera”

Fifty in Focus - Dominic Thwaite

“A fun light hearted short film created by @dominicthwaite and @jordanthwaite. Based on a man with 50mm vision. He thinks he needs to correct his vision with a trip to spec savers however what he doesn't know yet is that his vision is perfect, he just needs to find his perfect composition.”

Fifty x Fifty - Jonathon Copson-Pacal

“A business man reluctantly on his way to work stumbles onto a 50-cent coin, he decides this coin will choose wether he goes to work or abandons it all to pursue his dreams, and with a coin flip he imagines his 50/50 future.”

50 Last Dates - Eamonn Miller

“Every good dating scenario must come to an end, here are 50 of them.”

50 Ideas - Tori Lonergan

“To celebrate 50 years of Canon, I wanted to capture what I feel is a shared experience amongst creatives - that is the beauty and burdens of having so many ideas. Having a great idea is 50% of the process. So to me, "fifty" means putting in the extra work to build, create and deliver all the ideas that would otherwise be nothing more than just deas. With my camera in hand, I'm able to go that extra "fifty" with my ideas, creativity and beyond! Plus, part of that process is also realising which ideas are better than others - something that is hard to know without trying first.”