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Inspiring the next generation of creatives
Starting out with a simple passion for photography and a Powershot SX50 in hand, Wil Calabio has always had a keen eye for detail. Over the years this evolved to him educating and empowering his community of over a million budding creatives through regular photography tips, tricks and inspiration. While Wil is constantly evolving as a creative, his work is always earmarked by some common traits - visually stunning, incredibly executed and guaranteed to leave you wanting more.
Wil Calabio Gallery

“A perfect, compact camera for hobbyists that are looking to capture their travels with a little more spice! I enjoyed using the EOS R50 because of its refreshing, beginner friendly nature. This allowed me to focus solely on creativity and, and worry less about the technicalities that professional work can get caught up in.”

Wil Calabio

Image of Wil Calabio using Canon gear
The Canon Gear Wil is using
Wil's ultimate travel roadtrip featuring the EOS R50
Shot on the Canon EOS R50 and EOS R8 with a range of RF and RF-S lenses.


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