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Bonnie Cee

A visual storyteller creating characters of style and intrigue, through skillful composition and exquisite use of colour, Bonnie’s work evokes mood and movement.

Image by Canon Ambassador, Bonnie Cee
Sharing a story-telling focus.
Creative, mentor and entrepreneur, Bonnie is a professional stills and motion shooter and founder of the innovative Colourtone app. With a gift for mixing modern fashion photography with visual narratives she shares her skills with 190k Instagram followers. Testament to her talents, her recent short film ‘Run with Me’ has been critically acclaimed on the international film circuit.
"The Dual Gain Sensor on my EOS C300 Mark III gives an amazing dynamic range. The RAW filetype makes colour grading so flexible, while the colour science renders beautiful skin tones.”

Bonnie Cee

Image of Canon Ambassador Bonnie Cee holding a Canon EOS camera
What Gear Bonnie uses
Bonnie's short film 'Run With Me'


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