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Feature Image by: Jonathan and Angela Scott

Season Two: Challenging Perceptions Through Art

“The art of seeing is such an extraordinary sense, and photography is such an extraordinary art. As a photographer, you see these moments which only you see, and you just want to share them and say ‘This is the world we live in’.”

Angela Scott

Discover our extraordinary world through a stunning cinematic experience—following the journeys of acclaimed photographers pursuing their personal projects. Their aim: changing people’s perceptions through art.

Shot in stunning 4K resolution, Tales by Light Season 2 is an unforgettable journey, which shares the journeys of four passionate photographers who see the world differently and want to share what they see through their craft. 

From the art of sacred nature, to the demons of the deep and the juxtaposition of life and death, this three-part season follows their mission to challenge perceptions of life and nature. 

Tales by Light Season 2 is streaming now on Netflix

Episode Summary  

Sacred nature with Jonathan and Angela Scott

“What we truly love about photography is its power to capture disappearing worlds.”

- Jonathan Scott

Tales by light of a cheetah in Africa

For Jonathan and Angela Scott, the ultimate quest is reconnecting people with nature through photography. 

“We want people to understand how sacred nature is – to go beyond the veil and look deeper into their subject and try and find its essence. This is the time to act because we’re running out of time. These are our last great wildernesses, and the right image taken with the purpose of saving our incredible wildlife can speak volumes to a massive audience and really make a difference.”

Demons of the deep with Eric Cheng

“We’re at this potential turning point in man’s relationship with the ocean.”

- Eric Cheng

Takes by light image of diver patting a shark

Underwater photographer Eric Cheng’s mission is to use photography to tell the true story of animals that—through mythology and popular culture—have been misrepresented, and even demonised, before it’s too late. 

“The ocean is a balancing force. Maybe the strongest balancing force on our planet. I’ve continually gone to document things that are misunderstood in order to share them. And the right image, with the purpose of saving these animals, can speak volumes to a massive audience and compel them to act.”

Life and death with Stephen Dupont

“Nothing defines our very existence more than life…. and death.”

- Stephen Dupont

Tales by Light image of funeral ceremony

Stephen Dupont’s seeking to find new meaning through the theme of death in his powerful photographic journey.

“When you spend so much time covering wars and natural disasters, it starts to take a toll on your mind. And it starts to feel like you’re just looking at the dead. I want to capture pictures that honour death in all its poetry.  

“As a photographer, we have this incredible responsibility to be a wonderful prism into the world. To come out with these incredible moments that make you feel something.”

Tales by Light Season 2 is streaming now on Netflix.