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Tales by Light The Eye of the Storyteller

Documentary storytelling is one of the most popular forms of art. And the 99% of the earth's population who know and love Sir David Attenborough will agree.

It's so popular because it gives us a deeper look into a perspective other than our own.

What is so often overlooked, however, is the core role that photographers and cinematographers play in uncovering these perspectives. They're our eyes – the gateway to a world previously unseen.

Often it's as though we look straight through them, to the story they are telling.

The photography adventure series Tales By Light changes this – it flips things around. Now we're looking back at the photographers as they capture and retell the story. We're invited to absorb their inspiration, share in their devotion and explore their thoughts.

Enjoy this experience of nature, wildlife and culture in a way you've never seen before.