Canon Masters

Abraham Joffe

“I remember being a young boy when my mum bought herself a camcorder…she didn’t get much use of it.”

Daniel Linnet

“For me photography is more than a job, it’s a lifestyle.”

Darren Jew

“My father would bring home his Kodachrome slides from expeditions to Mawson Base in Antarctica”

Eugene Tan

“I was 9 when I purchased my first camera at a garage sale for 5 bucks”

Georges Antoni

“Photography is one of the few professions where you get almost instant gratification for your efforts.”

Graham Monro

"I have always loved photography. It's all I've ever wanted to do.

Jackie Ranken

"The on-going pursuit in finding new ways of seeing and exploring the landscape."

Jonas Peterson

“Getting it right in camera is something I take pride in.”

Kelly Brown

Her nurturing desire to capture her family as it grows led to launching her business Little Pieces of Photography in 2005.

Krystle Wright

"After seeing Adam Pretty's folio in a magazine, I knew instantly what I wanted to do in life."

Mark Horsburgh

“A mate and I just started goofing around at the track, taking pictures of the racecars.”

Mike Langford

“I believe landscape photography is about a sense of place"

Phil Hillyard

“I’ve been a photographer for 25 years and I’m yet to have an easy day at work."

Richard I'Anson

“Three months after finishing my first roll of film I’d converted my bedroom into a darkroom”

Ryan Schembri

In Ryan’s eyes, wedding photography needs to be modern and fashion-forward but, most importantly,it needs to be timeless.

Stephen Dupont

"My interest began while travelling the world at 18"


“I was 11 when the Emperor of Ethiopia, Hailé Selassie summoned me to his palace.”