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Canon with Getty Images launch the collection 'This is Australia'

'This is Australia' collection with Getty Images

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Attila Csaszar, Getty Images contributor
What does Australia look like to you? Authentic, everyday Australian life is unique, diverse and wonderful. It’s real. Most importantly, it can not be replicated and reflected in images created beyond our shores. Which is why there is an increasing demand for true Australian imagery in the international marketing industry right now.

Canon, with Getty Images, has created the 'This Is Australia' collection, and is inviting you to help build it.

So far there are 5,000 stock images in the collection shot by Canon photographers.

There's still time to sign up to be fast-tracked for approval to become a Getty Images contributor and build the collection.

The collection will feature your work and be presented to over one million Getty Images customers globally.

We encourage all photographers to read the Getty Images Recruitment Guide in detail including Licence Agreement and FAQs to inform themselves about the opportunity and ensure that it is right for the individual.
How can you get involved?

Step 1: Become a contributor

The first step is to become an official Getty Images contributor.
To do this you’ll need to submit six images.
Check out this mood board for inspiration

Ready to become a contributor? Click through to the Getty Images page.
Getty Images will fast-track and confirm your entry within two weeks.

The sooner you become a contributor, the sooner you can enter the briefs.
Plus, there will be photo shoots set up exclusively for contributors from this May,
so become a contributor as early as possible to ensure you’re considered for an invite.

Step 2: Enter the briefs

Once you’ve become a contributor, you will be invited to the Contributor Portal
where you can see the details of each brief and submit your photos.

The first brief is ready to enter now with others opening over the next few months.
Check out the overview below to spark some ideas.

Congratulations to the grant winners!

Attila Csaszar: Multicultural Australia with Chinese and Muslim Communities
Heather Felix: Smart is Beautiful: Women in STEM
Joao Inacio: Solo Woman Bike-packing in Remote Australia
Marianne Purdie: Team-building Outdoors (group shoot)
Belinda Howell: New Adventures of a Senior
Vince Brophy: Seniors: Music for the brain

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