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Be part of an image 15 years in the making

Underwater photographer Darren Jew was In Tonga photographing in 1,000 metres of water when this opportunity presented itself.

I'd never been presented with a moment like this in all the time I've been photographing humpbacks. And so, to get this image, I really just had to capitalise on everything. Something like this has taken me 15 years to create

The mother was supporting her calf to the surface and the light was supporting both animals in the sea. It might look like he’s a long way away, but with the fish-eye lens, he is only within three to four metres.

I've spent a lot of time on the water, and pictures like these are really the culmination of that time - the weather, the animals and everything coming together to create a great image. This one was a day of frustration that came together when we saw her blow about three miles away, took our chances, and went out to see what we could get.

Image Credit: Darren Jew