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Sunrise photography tips for beginners

Canon Photographer, Jenn Cooper loves to get up early to shoot the sunrise over the ocean. Here she reveals her insights to get the best out of your sunrise photos (and sunsets too) with tips for the ocean that work for any sunrise location.

The best light for landscape photography is first thing in the morning and the last light of the day. It definitely is worth getting up nice and early to capture a great sunrise. So, get out there, take some photos, and see what you can discover.

1. Get off the beaten track and find a great location

Landscape photography is all about getting off the beaten track and finding a really unique location. I love to shoot by a beautiful rocky coastline, which always reveals an incredible sunrise. But also try shooting at the shoreline too.

2. Use a sturdy tripod for stable shots in low light

Take the time to set up a steady tripod to ensure you get some really stable shots. 

3. Shoot at f/11 for great depth-of-field

Try shooting in AV mode with an ISO of 100 and at f/11 as it will help you maximise the depth-of-field from the foreground to the background. Live View will also help to ensure that your horizon is straight.

4. Include objects in the foreground to add interest

And when shooting a sunrise, it can be nice to include something else in your foreground. Beautiful, textured rocks of the coastline lend themselves perfectly to this job.


5. Use a wide-angle lens to get more into your frame

When you're down on the shoreline you'll need to change your lens. A 10-18mm ultra-wide lens is perfect for landscape photography. It's allows you to get more of the foreground in your shot. By changing your lens, you can change your story.