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Following my curiosity to the ends of the earth

Extreme sports photographer Krystle Wright reveals why she is driven by curiosity and how that's shaped her career as a photographer. 

My biggest fear in life is regret. I follow my curiosity, my instinct, as it tells me to go to the ends of the earth. There's an insatiable desire in me to explore with a camera in hand to try and capture a fleeting moment that encapsulates the soul of that place.

Photography has changed my perception of the world. My eyes are continually drawn to the ever changing light. My perspective is now constructed of depths, layers, and dimensions. In the pursuit of adventure, I find myself hanging off cliffs, swimming among canyons, trudging through the rain, all in hope that I capture something unique. A moment that shares with the viewer a special insight into the athletes, the friends, that I have the privilege to document. As an adventure photographer, I have a lifestyle that I live and breathe though. Although perhaps it's also a mixture of passion and obsession. 

In a past lifetime, I once had that thing called a home, though now you could call me a nomad seeking out what lies over the next horizon.

Through these travels, my experience is made all the richer from the characters I meet. There are times I prefer to be solo between transitions but adventure is best shared with friends. I've had others tell me that I'm a blend of inspiration, creativity, and insanity. I mean why would you put your body on the line in such pursuit? I've been covered in multiple layers of dirt and sweat with the blistering sun hitting my face. I've stood there so frozen to the core that even my bones felt cold. I still bear the scar on my forehead where it serves as a reminder each day how precious life could have been taken away from me. 

A friend once told me if you follow what you love, it will not lead you astray. I can honestly say that I love my life. It continues to unravel in unique and unusual ways, and it continues to be one incredible ride with no regrets.

Yes, there is risk to what I do. I've been frightened, elated, angry, exhausted, upset, euphoric. I have suffered bone-bruising, fractures, numerous stitches, tendon damage, even the odd smashed in front teeth. But why? Because it makes me feel alive. 

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