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Feature Image by: Melissa Findley

Is the EOS 6D Mark II the Perfect Travel Camera?

Melissa Findley’s a Travel and Adventure Photographer, based on the Gold Coast in Queensland. She get’s paid to travel—awesome, right?

She’s knows the extreme conditions and unexpected situations you find yourself in while travelling. So, she’s a good judge of a camera’s versatility and reliability.

We offered her the new EOS 6D Mark II to test-drive before it’s worldwide launch, to see if it ticked the boxes for her. She happily took us up on our offer, and headed for the Kanangra-Boyd National Park in New South Wales. 

Below is a summary of the features that jumped out to Melissa as a professional Travel Photographer.

Vari-Angle Screen

“One of the features that I think will come in handy is this new screen.”

“It'll be really beneficial for when I want to shoot from above, but also when I want to get down quite low. I'll still be able to see what my perspective is.”

The EOS 6D Mark II is the first full frame camera in the Canon line-up with a Vari-angle screen. You’ll now be able to capture images in those hard-to-see places, without sacrificing high-resolution images and low-light sensitivity.

Lightweight Body

“One of the first things I noticed is how lightweight the body is, which is really important for a travel photographer.”

Save space for other important travel gear when shooting with the EOS 6D Mark II. More room for an extra lens!

Extended Battery Life

The EOS 6D Mark II has a 1,200 shot battery life, so you can spend more time shooting the best bits of your trip, and less time searching for somewhere to charge your gear.

“I’m often in remote locations and shooting in Live-view mode, so having the extra battery life is really important.” 

Bluetooth and WIFI Connectivity

Sync your phone to the EOS 6D Mark II using the intuitive Canon Connect App — boom — you’ve got yourself a remote trigger. 

"Travelling solo, it’s actually something I do quite a bit. In the past I’ve had to use the ten-second timer.”

Check out how the EOS 6D Mark II compares with the original EOS 6D.