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Print to a Canon Pixma from your smart device

Print wirelessly to a Canon Pixma from your smart device

It is easy to print directly from your smartphone or tablet to your Canon PIXMA printer without using any cables or connectors. 

Apple AirPrint for iPhone and iPad
AirPrint is a really convenient way to print from your Apple devices, without transferring documents or having to use any cables or connectors. 

  1. Check to see if your PIXMA model is compatible with Apple AirPrint by selecting any Apple device running iOS 4.2 or later, then from any application such as notes, web browser or mail, choose the dropdown menu and select 'print'.
  2. Turn your printer on and connect to the local wireless LAN.
  3. From Printer Options, tap 'select printer'. and your printer should appear on screen after a few moments.
  4. Press the plus and minus icons to choose the number of prints you want and switch 'double-side' to on-position for double-sided printing. Then simply press 'print'.

Canon Easy-PhotoPrint for Android
Canon Easy-PhotoPrint allows you to print photos directly from your Apple or Android device. 

  1. Download the Canon Easy-PhotoPrint app.
  2. Open the Easy-PhotoPrint app and select 'photo albums' and select the image you'd like to print.
  3. Adjust settings as required.
  4. Choose the paper size, media type, and your border preferences, and then press 'print'.

You can also take photos and print them immediately or within the Easy-PhotoPrint app.

  1. Select 'camera' on the home menu then take your photo.
  2. Select 'use' in the bottom right and print options will appear. Select the options you want, and then press 'print'.

You can also use the app to print documents that have been scanned previous and scan images wirelessly to your device.

  1. Place the document on the plate of your printer.
  2. Select 'scan settings'
  3. Confirm the settings and select 'scan'
  4. Check the scan result, and then select the menu in the top right. This will give you the option to save the output as a JPEG or PDF. 
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