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An unusual brief from an unexpected client

The act of taking a photograph for someone else poses its own challenges. But how do you create an image for a client who sees the world from a completely different perspective?

In the video above, we ask a group of photographers to take on a near-impossible brief: to shoot a scene that only exists in a child's imagination. What they discovered tested not only their approach to photography, but also the unconscious barriers that restrict the creativity in all of us.

When you get older in "adult world", you have limitations of your imagination and creativity, but kids don't have that boundary. 

Biannca Rose

IMAGINATION is another experiment from THE LAB, a series designed to shift creative thinking behind the lens. 

Special thanks to the photographers who participated. You can explore their final images below.

Fantasy image of a girl in a roomImage credit: Matt McLarty

Fantasy image of girl overlooking a pond

Image credit: Biannca Rose. Check out her Instagram

Fantasy image of stuffed animals in a gardenImage credit: Peter Sharp. Check out his Instagram, studio and website

Fantasy image of cut out paper skeleton
Image credit: Daina Marie. Check out her Instagram and website

Fantasy image of lollies and vegetables
Image credit: Greer Lyons. Check out her LinkedIn.

fantasy image of a spider body with two snake heads
Image credit: Aundray Cheam. Check out his Instagram and website