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Larger than life quality

If you're serious about bringing out the best in your work, the 12 colour, 44" iPF PRO-4000 has the best-in-class quality. Printing faithfully with true colour to satisfy even the pickiest perfectionist. Its large format also makes it a great choice for photographs, fine art and banners that aren't standard printing sizes.

  • Get the most out of your Canon from camera to paper

    Be as proud of your prints as you are of your photos. Canon EOS cameras work best with PRO range printers for faithful shoot-to-print results.

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  • Turn up the impact

    Want in on a secret that will add more punch to your pictures? The PRO's clear Chroma Optimiser enhances the natural look and gives your print oomph.

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imagePROGRAF PRO 4000
  • Printer Type

    Print Only

  • Supported Paper Size


  • Print Colour

    12 Colour

  • Network Compatiblity


  • Mobile Print


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imagePROGRAF PRO 4000
This economical wide format printer is easy to operate and comes with loads for advanced settings to push the potential of your creativity.

Canon’s imagePROGRAF family of wide format printers presents a wide range of flexible, economical printers for photographers, architects and the graphic arts space. Within this purpose designed economical printer range, there’s an option to meet every business, regardless of size or budget. The Canon imagePROGRAF PRO 4000 sits towards the head of the family’s range of photographic printers and is ideal for artists who need to print photographs, artworks and banners outside standard size formats. Quiet, convenient and user friendly, it’s the ideal way to take control of your work from start to finish and grow your business.

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