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  • Easy to use

    Designed with the user in mind, an intuitive, award-winning user interface enables even inexperienced operators to master any document preparation task.

  • Speed up turnaround time

    What you see is what you get (WYSIWYG) job preview helps ensure what you see on the screen is exactly what your end print product will look like.

  • Unleash the full power

    Virtually device-independent, allowing you to prepare documents for production on the Canon, and/or select printers accepting PDF, PCL, PS files, unleashing the power of your entire fleet.

  • Powerful flexibility

    Automation templates and hot folder capabilities make preparing repetitive jobs fast and easy, helping printers avoid errors and maintain job-to-job consistency.

  • Integrated workflow

    Professional standalone solution that can be integrated into a larger workflow solution such as PRISMAdirect, which is designed to streamline the printers' order and production management.

  • Colour control

    Easy to optimise colours to the industry standard colour libraries and maintaining consistencies througout the workflow.

Easy preparation

Powerful Make-ready capabilities help you produce great work with ease.

Enhance your offerings

Utilising advanced features to deliver added value for customers including document personalisation and finishing.

Open interface

Leverage many existing creative tools for detailed content editing. PRISMAprepare supports direct linking of up to 10 different Windows®- based stand-alone PDF applications. You can open a page of your document from PRISMAprepare in Adobe® Photoshop®, Adobe Illustrator®, or another compatible PDF-based editing tool. After making the desired edits, the changes are directly applied to your document in PRISMAprepare.

PRISMAprepare: Perfecting Preparation
Introducing PRISMAprepare
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