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Speedlite EL-1

$1,725 RRP

Canon's first L-Series flash
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Canon's first L-Series flash

Capture accurate colours and powerful expression with this speedlite flash

Product image of Speedlite EL-1 flash
  • Get a wide range of light expressions

    The Speedlite EL-1 has 14 f-stops of flexible power enabling a variety of expressions. The 1/8192 microflash provides subtle fill flash, allowing you to achieve amazing macro photography or handheld shooting even in the dark where traditional flashes may be too bright. Alternatively, the Speedlite EL-1's multiple flash achieves powerful light expression when you need it most.

    Get a wide range of light expressions with the EL-1 Speedlite
  • Create subtle nuances of light

    Improved E-TTL (Electronic Through The Lens) support automatically sets the flash output to the optimum balance according to the surrounding environment and focal length of your camera. The Speedlite EL-1 also has Flash Exposure (FE) memory that allows you to continue shooting with the flash output stored in E-TTL, even if you switch to manual mode and shoot after E-TTL shooting. Further fine adjustments are also possible in manual mode.

    Create subtle nuances of light with the Speedlite EL-1
  • Don't miss a scene

    The Speedlite EL-1's high-speed flash charging of 0.1 to 0.9 sec. and 160 times or more continuous flashes, reliably tracks the moment you want to shoot. For example you can shoot scenes with movement, such as a shower of flower petals, without missing a beat.

    Image of wedding captured with Canon EOS and Speedlite EL-1 flash

Envision the colour and direction of light prior to shooting

Speedlite EL-1 is equipped with two built-in LED modelling lamps

The Speedlite EL-1 is equipped with two built-in LED modelling lamps so you can check lighting prior to shooting or even use the lamps for basic video lighting. The lamps automatically turn off during shutter release.

  • Speedlite EL-1 uses a new high-capacity lithium-ion battery power supply
    Take multiple shots with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery

    The Speedlite EL-1 uses a new high-capacity lithium-ion battery power supply. You can achieve high-speed charging of 1/1 power: approx. 0.9 sec. and an increased number of flashes 1/1 power: approx. 335. In addition, the battery power level can be clearly displayed on the LCD screen so you can time when the battery needs to be changed or recharged.

  • Joystick of the Speedlite EL-1
    Take control with intuitive operation

    Almost all operations including wireless settings can be operated easily by pushing the joystick of the Speedlite EL-1.

Speedlite EL-1 Sample Images

“Its size, weight and price tag shouldn’t deter the professional wedding and event photographers from checking it out. It could also be valuable for fashion photographers… product and interior photographers.”

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