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Digital Compact Cameras

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Please note: Depending on a number of factors including, but not limited to, the nature of the issue, age of your device, and purchase origin, there may be a $50 book - in/assessment fee which will need to be paid before your device is returned.
If the issue is covered by a Canon Australia Warranty, Canon Australia Care Pack or an applicable consumer guarantee under the Australian Consumer Law (ACL) then book-in/assessment fees and repair costs will not apply. 
Return shipping (for assessments and repairs not covered by a Canon Australia warranty, Canon Australia Care Pack or an applicable consumer guarantee) is $22.00 including GST to anywhere in Australia. 
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    Monday to Friday - 8am to 5pm AEST within Australia

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Have more questions? Try our FAQs section below
  • How do I return my product to Canon for repair?

    For general consumer repairs, we ask you to please complete the repair form and send in your camera in by post or courier.

  • Can I drop in my camera to the Sydney postal address?

    We no longer have a dedicated service counter in the Sydney office because the volume of ‘over-the-counter’ service enquiries has dropped.
  • Do I have to pay for transport costs?

    This will depend on the circumstances of your product, as a non-exhaustive guide:

    Generally customers wanting to send their camera product to Canon for assessment and/or repair will arrange their own freight/postage. 

    Return freight / postage for products under a Canon Australia Manufacturer’s warranty or a Canon Care Pack is covered by Canon. If a problem is covered by an applicable consumer guarantee, then return freight/postage will also be covered in this instance. 

    Customers with product issues also have the option of addressing the issue via their place of purchase. 

    For products covered by a Canon Care Pack, Canon will assist in the collection of the product and return freight / postage is covered by Canon. Please call us on 13 13 83 to organise collection. 

    For chargeable repairs, customers wanting to send their product to Canon for assessment and/or repair will pay inward freight / postage. Return freight will then be added to the repair quotation. 
  • I’m a professional photographer with CPS membership – do I have to post or courier in my equipment?

    No. Canon Professional Services (CPS) members can still drop by SUNSTUDIOS to receive the service benefits of their membership.
  • I’m a Cinema EOS user – do I have to post or courier in my equipment?

    No. Cinema EOS products are purchased and serviced via our Authorised Dealers – Lemac and Videocraft. Customers can contact Lemac and Videocraft for sales and rental at the contact details on their respective websites: