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C1538P Firmware Update Tool V0705.1101

Content Id: 0400781320



Vulnerabilities of network accessible products have been addressed.

You will be asked to enter the product serial number before downloading the firmware. The serial number is the sequence of 10 alphanumeric characters printed on a label on the back of the device.

Update History

This firmware includes the following corrections and improvements:
1. Vulnerabilities of network accessible products have been addressed.
(CVE-2023-0853/0855/0856, CVE-2022-43974)
1. Addressed a vulnerability in the RSA Key generation for network devices.

Setup Instructions

For information on upgrading the firmware, see the User's Guide.


*Please note the following restrictions when using this software.
- When updating the firmware version, be sure to wait until print operations are complete before beginning the update operation. When the Job indicator on the operation panel is on or blinking, the device is processing operations. Wait until the Job indicator turns off after the operations are complete.
- If the Message indicator is on, refer to the e-Manual and resolve the issue, and then perform the update operation after making sure that the Error indicator is off.
- If the update operation is performed while the device is processing other operations, or while images are stored in memory, those other operations will be canceled and the images stored in memory will be lost.
- If print jobs are sent to the device from another computer or application while the firmware update is in progress, a critical error may occur.
- Do not turn off the device power, or disconnect any USB or LAN cables while the firmware update is in progress.
- If your computer enters sleep mode, the firmware update may not be performed properly.

File information

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