VB-H652LVE Firmware Update version 1.0.5

20th February 2017
Changes in firmware

Firmware Version 1.0.5 incorporates the following improvements:

1. Corrected issues in some cameras not focusing correctly.

Firmware Version 1.0.5 contains all the improvements from previous firmware versions.
Firmware Version 1.0.5 is for Network Cameras with firmware Version 1.0.2 or older.
If you decide to upgrade to this firmware, refer to the readme file "Readme-E.txt", and use the firmware file listed below, as well as the latest Camera Management Tool. 
The latest Camera Management Tool and its manual will need to be downloaded separately.
 [Firmware file and tool]
- vbh652v105.bin
- CCMTInstall.exe        Camera Management Tool

The firmware contains software modules developed by third parties. The details are available in the download: Readme-E.txt. The Third-party Software License (ThirdPartySoftware-E.pdf) and the license conditions are available in the OpenSource Folder which is inside the LICENSE folder.

Firmware Download Link.
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