Regarding the vulnerability in WPA2 Wi-Fi encryption protocol

8th December 2017, 11:24am
Regarding the vulnerability in WPA2 Wi-Fi encryption protocol

Recently, a researcher made public a vulnerability known as KRACKs in the standard wireless LAN (Wi-Fi) encryption protocol WPA2. This vulnerability allows an attacker to intentionally intercept the wireless transmission between the client (a device equipped with Wi-Fi functionality) and the access point (the router etc.) to perform potentially malicious activity. For that reason, this vulnerability cannot be exploited by anyone outside the range of the Wi-Fi signal or by anyone in a remote location using the internet as an intermediary.

We we have not been informed of any incidents experienced by users of Canon products as a result of this vulnerability, however, in order to allow customers to continue using our products with peace of mind, we have provided some information on how to mitigate risks associated with this vulnerability.

For any products not covered above, please contact or call 13 13 83
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