Canon calls for remarkable projects with ‘Show Us What’s Possible’

24th February 2017

Program supports the passion projects of creative artists in photography, cinematography and beyond

Eugene Tan
Photo credit: Eugene Tan, Aquabumps

Sydney, Australia, 24 February, 2017 – Canon Australia has put the call out to creative artists to push the boundaries and pitch remarkable projects to the imaging brand for support, with the launch last night of Show Us What’s Possible. Renowned beach photographer Eugene Tan set the scene for the launch at Bondi Icebergs, with the high-achieving founder of Bondi-based Aquabumps gallery, publisher and aerial photography pioneer unveiling his most audacious project to date.

The result of a 12-month journey, and with the support of Canon, Tan achieved his long-held dream of producing a ‘huge’ print of one of his aerial photographs for everyone to enjoy. Over a 24-hour period Tan installed a 49-metre long, 13-metre wide, 700 square metre print of one of his most popular shots taken above the Italian Amalfi Coast on the bottom of the famous Bondi Icebergs swimming pool. He then took to the air to shoot the spectacle in stills and documentary video, returning in the evening to print the shots and unveil them – together with the rest of the Amalfi collection – to 120 guests assembled at Icebergs overlooking the art installation.

"The Icebergs exhibition is a melting pot of my passions: aerial photography, Italy, the beach, Bondi, and large-scale prints,” says Tan. “I pioneered aerial beach photography in Australia over 10 years ago and have always wanted to produce one of my aerial images publically in a huge format. Icebergs was a logical location choice and the closest replication of the famous Italian beach clubs on the Amalfi Coast, which has become one of my favourite locations to shoot.”

“For this to be at the iconic Icebergs pool in Bondi Beach, where Aquabumps started 18 years ago, is really a dream come true. I started Aquabumps because of my passion and love of the beach and to share my images with more than 300,000 people daily all over the world – to be able to show them this will be pretty cool.”

As an example of a passion project achieved in partnership with Canon Australia, Eugene Tan’s installation kicks off the ‘Show Us What’s Possible’ initiative, which challenges professional photographers, cinematographers, and creative artists to push the boundaries of their imagination and, through their amazing work, redefine the creative potential of Canon products.

“We’re proud of the gear we make but it’s only in the hands of creative artists that we can see what’s truly possible when using Canon products,” says Jason McLean, Canon Australia’s Director of Consumer Imaging. “Show Us What’s Possible was born from our desire to support professional creatives in making their big dreams a reality and help them push the boundaries.”

“With the Bondi Icebergs spectacle, Eugene has shown us an amazing application of print, photography and video to create a visually stunning installation and content for all to enjoy. We can’t wait to see the incredible work to come from creatives around the country.”

Tan fell in love with shooting Italy from above in 2015 – specifically the Amalfi Coast – with his first collection of Italian images being some of the most popular artworks to feature in Aquabumps’ Bondi gallery.

The project was realised using Canon capture and print equipment including the 50-megapixel EOS 5DsR DSLR camera and the Arizona 550 flatbed inkjet printer. After a 50 hour printing process, Aquabumps’ production partner for large-format applications, Scaffad, spent five hours installing the 24-piece print on the bottom of Bondi Icebergs’ pool.

Eugene Tan’s documentary film of the making of his art installation will be launched online in early March on Canon’s Stories and Aquabumps’ channels. Additionally, Aquabumps is today opening a new gallery at 119 George Street in The Rocks, Sydney, after a dedicated 15 years in Bondi.

Make your dreams a reality:

‘Show Us What’s Possible’ encourages the most creative individuals to pitch their remarkable projects to Canon Australia for support. Submissions will be judged by an independent panel of professionals. Throughout 2017, Canon Australia will support a series of ‘Show Us What’s Possible’ projects with funding, equipment, technical support and promotion.

Canon Australia encourages all professional image makers who use Canon products wishing to get involved with ‘Show Us What’s Possible’ to submit their idea in PDF format, along with any supporting reference imagery, in a maximum of three (3) pages to Chris Macleod, Pro Marketing Manager via

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