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Unlock the business potential of your printer

Rather than dismissing your printer as a box in the corner spitting out photocopies, think of it as an untapped resource for streamlining your business workflows. We look at the top five ways you could be overlooking your printer.

Are paper jams becoming increasingly common and you need a new solution? Alternatively, are you looking around at the innovations in the print industry and looking to upgrade your technology? Either way now is the perfect opportunity to reassess your whole approach to your printing process.

It’s not just a box in the corner, spitting out photocopies; it’s an overlooked opportunity to harness new technologies for your business, streamlining your print environment and perhaps saving costs on infrastructure

#1 Is it the right fit for you?

The best way to assess your print environment is to get it evaluated by a print solution specialist. They will take your business objectives into account and give you recommendations about which solution would suit you.

Here’s a few questions worth considering about your current printing habits before deciding on a solution;

  • – What volume are you printing each month?
    – What kind of functionality do you need - copy, print, scan, fax or all of them?
    – What type of documents do you predominantly print?
    – How many users do you have?
    – How much office space do your machines use?
    – Would it make sense to consolidate your fleet?
    – Printing is still a core function of business and choosing the right fit model can improve productivity and reduce costs.

  • – Choosing the incorrect model such as one with slow speeds can create bottlenecks as print queues build up.

#2 Are you using your Multi-functional Device (MFD) to its full potential?

Multi-functional devices (MFDs) also known as multi-functional printers (MFPs) are capable of more than most people realise. You could be inhibiting your business opportunities by not using your MFDs full ability to increase efficiencies and reduce costs.

Think about your business objectives and the direction the organisation is going in. Linking your content management systems, your integrated software and the MFD becomes a powerful tool, helping you streamline workflows, digitise documents and integrate into backend systems.

#3 Cost and reporting considerations

A smart MFP will give you regular reports, keeping you aware of how much you’re spending. A print management system will not only enable you to control your costs but also give you complete visibility of print usage, allowing you to budget accordingly..

It also gives you more control over the usage of the printers. By setting up print profiles based on users or departments, you can restrict certain departments from printing A3, from printing in colour or print only in duplex.

#4 Short term gain or long-term benefit?

Although opting for a cheaper upfront MFP may seem like a cost saving in the short-term, you have to take into consideration the long-term running costs. A holistic view is important when looking at an MFP solution. An MFP that works coherently with your current workflows provides more value and could be perceived as more expensive  however when it comes to running your business, quality is what you’re after.

Ask questions about the failure and jam rate to reveal how many times you will have to call out a technician. If your machine is down, you’ll lose productivity. A cheaper MFP could cost you more in the long run.

#5 User experience

A good user experience for your employees and colleagues can also determine the success or failure of an MFP upgrade. Considering end-user engagement with MFP is essential.

Smartphones, tablets and streaming services are set up for the user to have a unique and personal experience. So why not an MFP, which you also use every day? With today’s technology, an MFP can be set up to ensure each user has a different but efficient experience when printing, copying, scanning and faxing.

Just as you can set your favourite apps on your smartphones home screen, you can do the same with the touchscreen on an MFP.

By using your MFP to its full potential and making some smart purchasing decisions, MFP technology is going to help improve your business costs, efficiencies and compliance.

To find out more, view our range of multifunction printers here.

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