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Adopting new technology can feel like heartbreak

Innovation can be emotional — don’t let it get your employees down.

In today’s disrupted marketplace, traditional business models are crumbling under the force of digital transformation. The need to adopt new technology and new ways of working is no longer under debate — innovation has becomes essential for success.

But innovation isn’t easy. Changing how you do business is hard work. It requires thoughtful planning and skilled execution. You’ll need a partner that not only has a deep understanding of technology, business strategy and organisational process, but also knows what makes people tick.

That’s because successfully adopting new, innovative technologies requires getting your entire team involved. Oftentimes this is not easy, as the fear of the unknown can be a huge obstacle. Some on your staff may think that it will increase their workload, diminish their responsibilities, or even make them redundant.

A recent survey of business leaders for the Canon Business Readiness Index found that one of the biggest challenges when implementing change was denial. Employees just didn’t see the value in using the new technology. At first glance this may not seem rational, but the fact is, change can be highly emotional.

Failing to adapt to change could be heartbreaking for your employees, so it’s crucial to manage the emotions that arise from adopting new technologies. The first step is to understand your company culture. Often, company culture is not expressly defined but develops organically over time, influenced by leadership and the people that make up your team.

Knowing how these people think and which values leadership encourages will help determine the strategies you use to implement a successful change initiative. Critical to this success is finding a technology partner that not only has a deep understanding of innovation, but also understands your company culture.

At Canon we know that upgrading your technology and embracing innovation is a big decision. We also know that changing how the people in your organization work is the real challenge. That’s why we go out of our way to ensure you don’t miss a beat as you integrate new ways of working throughout the business.

Our highly skilled professional services team will ensure your people know:

How the devices work, highlighting features to maximise productivity, including mobile and secure print.
How to manage workflows using your new equipment.
Who to contact at Canon if there’s anything you need.

Change always elicits new emotions. Ensuring these feelings are positive will go a long way to making sure your employees don’t experience heartbreak, and that your new technology initiatives are successful.

To learn more about how to manage the emotions that inevitable come with change, download our whitepaper: Why Innovation is Never Efficient, But Always Necessary.


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