Goldengrove Building Group - Case Study

Goldengrove Building Group - Equipped for growth

In 2013 Goldengrove Building had an annual turnover of $11 million and had two accounting staff. By 2017 they had grown to $70 million turnover and were drowning in paperwork. Last year they’d grown to a company with over $100 million turnover. They desperately needed an accounting solution that was electronic and secure.

The Solution
Canon sales partner BBC have worked with Goldengrove to develop a document management system using Therefore. Therefore is now Goldengrove’s document management system which allows them to save all the relevant information into one place so that invoices can be routed from accounts to the supervisors for approval. They refer to Therefore as the central hub of their business.

The Results
The biggest improvement that Goldengrove since installing Therefore has noticed is their new sheer processing power. The time it takes to locate documentation has been reduced considerably. They also love the ability to customise Therefore’s workflows to reflect changes in the business. Goldengrove feels like they couldn’t have achieved their growth without the Therefore solution.

“It used to take me four hours to process 200 invoices. With Therefore it now takes me three minutes.”  Katherine Fitzell – Accounts Payable Officer

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